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We are full service fence installation and repair company servicing McKinney, Texas and most of Collin County. We specialize in fence installation using chain link, vinyl and wood. We can build privacy fences, automatic gates, and repair fences as well.

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We started McKinney Fence because we wanted to have a positive effect on our community using a skill we’re most passionate about. With this passion, we’ve developed the ability to build the highest quality of fences and gates.

We are committed to giving our customers the highest quality customer service experience. We have a perfected every part of the fence installation process from the moment you pick up the phone to call us all the way to the final-cleanup after putting the finishing touches to your new fence.

We only hire fully licensed fencing contractors who are committed to their projects and our company core values.

Our fence builders are equipped with the best building materials for all projects.

If you’re looking for residential fencing or commercial fencing for your business, call Fencing McKinney today to find out how we can service your needs.

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How This Works

Whether you need multiple fences for a large commercial project, or a small white picket fence for your home, all of our fences are built the same. With attention to detail, love, and passion.

After you call us and schedule your free, no obligation estimate. The first thing we need to figure out is the size and budget. We’ll do this by asking you the necessary questions to determine your exact wants and needs. We’re patient and believe there’s no such thing as a stupid question. There is a such thing as bad decisions and we’ll make sure you know everything up front so you don’t end up making one.

During our consultation, we’ll determine which style of fencing you want.

Here are the options again:

After gathering all of the information we need, we’ll assess your project and contact you back with an estimate within 48 hours (sometimes we can give you a price on the spot or within the hour).

Our contractors will be able to begin work within the next couple of days after this. This is where the fun begins as we deploy our expert fencing contractors to start on your project. One aspect our fencing company takes a lot of pride in is how streamlined our process is. We work fast, but there’s no need to worry about us cutting any corners either.

Our job isn’t done when the last nail goes in the fence. No, no, no! The job ends after you are 100% satisfied with your construction and everything is 100% cleaned up. We don’t just hire anybody of the streets with a hammer, we hire and train professionals who take pride in their work. This means you won’t have to worry about cigarette buds and soda cans littering your yard after we pack up and leave.

Our Services

Chain Link Fence

If you’re looking for an affordable fencing option, chain link fencing is the way to go. Even better, it’s extremely low-maintenance, durable and stays rust-free for years to come because of the quality of the materials we use and our workmanship. If you want a low-maintenance fence which gives you privacy, security, and visibility of the area around your property, then a chain link fence is the way to go.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of different styles including flat top, lattice-top, picket, rounded lattice, & post and rail to name a few. If The upfront investment in vinyl fencing comes with a host of benefits including easy maintenance, durability, and environmental friendliness.

Privacy Fence

There are five main benefits towards installing a privacy fence around your property. First, it’ll provide shelter to your yard and garden from harsh elements like wind, sideways rain, and even the sun. 

Second, is the added style to your home. A privacy fence can come in a variety of different colors and styles like Vinyl, Wood, and Chain Link. If you’d like to find the other three benefits, click here.

Wood Fence

Choosing a wood fence will bring privacy, a classy look, and even save some money. 

The first benefit is that a wood fence is durable. They’re built to last through weather, animals, and even wind.

A great thing about wood fences is that you will also get some privacy from your neighbors and the outside world.

Another great benefit is that you can add your own style to it through either a nice stain or paint. Wood fences are one of the most customizable whether its color, style, or type of wood.

Fence Repair

From time to time, your fence is going to need repairs. Whether it’s from the weather, insects, or vandalism, fence repairs are not something you want to put off for another day. If you can’t do it yourself, call Fencing McKinney to inquire about getting your fence some much needed TLC ASAP. Our fencing contractors specialize in repairing chain link fences, fence posts, wood fences, and vinyl fences.


Fencing McKinney designs custom designed gates to add extra piece of mind, security, and style to your home. We can install swing gates, slide gates, and cantilever gates. New gates add numerous benefits to your house including added security, increased curb appeal, convenience, and safety.

Our Fencing Process

With decades of fencing experience, we have developed a fencing process that brings client satisfaction from the moment you call us to the last board being installed. 

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4 Reasons To Choose Fencing McKinney

We Are The #1 Choice For Fencing In McKinney, TX

No stone is left unturned when we build you a fence. We treat every project as if we’re building it for ourselves. We triple check every piece of our build and stick to the proven process we created years ago.

One of the most important skills which many contractors lack is patience with clients. Sure they can build a great fence, but there bedside manner could use some work. This isn’t the case with us Fencing McKinney. During the consultation phase, we’ll take the time to answer all of your questions so you know you’re making the best decision for yourself, your family, and your home.

Our promise to all of our customers is to pick up the phone when you call and show up when we said we would.

We are not only committed to building strong fences for our clients, but also building strong relationships with our community. We pride ourselves in our long-term client driven values which always puts the customer first over our own monetary desires.

Areas We Serve

McKinney, Celina, Prosper, Mellisa, Princeton, Anna, Weston, Lucas, Allen, Gunter, Little Elm, Frisco. Blue Ridge, Farmersville, Lavon, Lowry Crossing, Parker, Murphy, Nevada, Fairview, Hebron, New Hope, St. Paul, and most of Collin County.

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (469) 804-5829.

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